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MetroPcs USA - Mobile Device Unlock App Premium

Delivery Time : 15-30 days
Price : -
Details :

Important Information:

- No weekend processing. Submission every 1 - 2 weeks.

- Refunds only available for the following error message: "NOT ELIGIBLE FOR UNLOCK".

- Refunds are not available for any other error message including "Server not responding. Please try again later". If your device shows one of these messages, try upgrading the firmware or performing a hard reset.

- If your device asks for a code to be entered do not use this service. No refund for mistakes.

- T-Mobile devices not supported. No refund for mistakes.

- Verification allowed for up to 7 days. Strict from source.

-Verification process can take 1 - 2 weeks. Do not order if you are not willing to wait. No cancellation available after order is placed.


Steps if your IMEI is not unlocked after being marked success:

- Send an email to with the IMEI WRITTEN/TYPED and the error message you are receiving.

- Our support team will send your imei for verification/ reprocessing. THIS CAN TAKE UP TO 7 DAYS.

- If the error continuesafterverification/reprocessing, we will provide you with video instructions to ensure the video was made post-verification. These instructions must be followed exactly as specified in order to get a refund.

- Verification Process

* Give verification IMEI for Reprocess

*Reprocess can take upto 7days

*Once Reprocess done and order still not fix then video proof will be needed for refund

*Video Proof will not be vaild without reprocessing

-Video Proof Process

*Open and Search " Today Date"

*Show IMEI by dailing *#06#

*Open "Device Unlock" App and click on "Permanent Unlock"


- We can refund only if status will show "Unlock Failed: This mobile wireless device is not eligible for unlock.For Device Unlock eligibility details, please go online or contact Customer Care."

- Make sure you hard reset device before submit orders


Please verify the carrier prior to purchasing your unlock. Refunds are not available for the incorrect carrier.